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Bianca Jordan, Esq.,MBA | Brazen Legal

Bianca Jordan, Esq.,MBA | Brazen Legal

Hi! I’m Bianca, and I’m the Head Lawyer in Charge at Brazen Legal, an immigration and small business law firm established in 2014.

Before starting this law firm, I obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Curry College, and consulted local small businesses and global corporations. During and after law school at the University of Massachusetts School of Law-Dartmouth, I worked at various law firms and legal aid organizations where I represented immigrants and entrepreneurs throughout Massachusetts.

I started this law firm with a dollar and a dream to help immigrants and other natural-born hustlers create and secure their best lives in the United States. Brazen Legal is a different kind of law firm. I speak in plain English (and Haitian Creole), not sleep-inducing legalese. I meet wherever is most convenient for you; and I always charge a flat fee for my services, so you’ll always know how much your legal bill will be. 

I believe in making the law accessible, and even a little bit fun. Whether I’m speaking at an event, teaching a workshop, or sharing legal info in my social media videos, I’m truly passionate about helping you along your legal journey. 

When I’m not busy helping my amazing clients, you can find me baking the best salted caramel brownies you’ll ever have in your life.

I am a notary public, real estate broker, and licensed attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Let’s work together!