Q: Who Can Apply for a Green Card for Me?

Full question: I want a green card and my aunt is a U.S. citizen. Can she apply for a green card for me?

Answer: No. Generally speaking, a person can get a green card through a family member or an employer. For purposes of this question, this post focuses on getting a green card through family. Below is a chart to help you understand who can petition for whom to get legal permanent residence through family.

2 Quick Definitions:

Petitioner: the person who applies for the beneficiary’s green card

Beneficiary: the person who wants a green card

U.S. citizens can petition for the following relatives:

  • spouse/fiancé(e)/widow(er)
  • children, including children of fiancé(e) and children of diplomats
  • parents (if the petitioner is 21+)
  • siblings 

Lawful Permanent Residents can only npetition for the following relatives:

  • spouse
  • unmarried children

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