Here are some Brazen Legal Client Success Stories:


Marriage-Based Green Card in 8.5 months!

M from Nigeria hired Brazen Legal to help her get a green card based on her marriage to a U.S. citizen. In addition to preparing the application packet, I conducted several practice interviews for her and her husband. Based on their situation, I had a feeling their interview would be tough. Their immigration interview was BRUTAL, but 3.5 hours later, M’s green card application was approved, and her green card came in the mail a few days later.

A New U.S. Citizen!

P from Haiti really wanted to become a U.S. citizen. Her daughter and husband are citizens and she no longer wanted to be the odd woman out. But her applications kept getting denied, and she didn’t understand why. Frustrated and no longer wanting to deal with USCIS on her own, she hired Brazen Legal to help her. It turns out the reason that P couldn’t apply for U.S. citizenship is because she was already a U.S. citizen without even knowing it! She’d gotten U.S. citizenship from her mom, who’d become a U.S. citizen before P turned 18. P recently received her certificate of naturalization in the mail, her U.S. passport is expected any day now, and she’s registered and ready to vote in 2020!

Business DIY Gone Wrong 

A nonprofit organization wanted to save time and money by using a popular self-help website to DIY its business formation paperwork. But years later, it realized that not only did the site not do everything the nonprofit expected it to do, but it also didn’t inform the nonprofit about annual filing deadlines. The nonprofit hired Brazen Legal to review and update its Articles of Organization, revise its Bylaws, obtain its federal 501(c)(3) status, and draft a few contracts. Now the nonprofit is on track to fulfilling its mission without fear of losing its nonprofit status.

From Asylum to Green Card Holder

A teenaged girl from Jamaica named C was shocked to learn that she could not apply for a green card. She came to the U.S. with her dad as a baby. Her dad was granted asylum status, and she was able to get it, too, as his daughter. Fast forward to two years ago when her dad obtained lawful permanent resident status without filing an application for her, too. As soon as she found out, she submitted her own green card application, but it was denied. Because her dad was no longer an asylee, she was no longer the daughter of an asylee, so she was unable to get a green card based on this status. Her dad hired Brazen Legal to fix her immigration problem, and now her green card application is in the mail.

A Complicated Naturalization Case

Mr. P from Trinidad hired Brazen Legal to help him become a U.S. citizen. He’d been a lawful permanent resident since his teen years, but wasn’t in a rush to become a U.S. citizen until he had a run in with the law and decided he no longer wanted to take any chances in this very anti-immigrant climate. Because of his criminal history, he knew his case might get complicated, so he hired Brazen Legal to help. We had to go back and forth with USCIS to address his criminal history, but nonetheless, Mr. P was sworn in as a U.S. citizen less than a year after filing his application.

Seamless Business Dissolution 

A business partnership came to an end, and the owners, who were best friends, wanted help going their separate ways, but they didn’t have anything in writing to spell out what happens if the business fizzles. Brazen Legal was able to help the owners wrap up their business affairs without killing their friendship.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

A teenaged boy from Honduras named K entered the United States without papers. He’d been abandoned by his parents at a young age, and the only one to care for him was his elderly grandmother. After his grandmother died, local gangs like the MS-13 tried to recruit him, threatening to kill him if he did not join. He grew scared and hopeless until he discovered he has family living in the United States. He then traveled to the United States (by foot and train) in search of his family. As soon as he arrived in the United States, he was placed in deportation proceedings, but he was allowed to go live with his family until it was time to appear in immigration court. Because his parents had abandoned him, he qualified for Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) Status, an immigration benefit given to people who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned by at least one parent. Once granted SIJ, you may obtain a green card. With my help, K was granted SIJ, received his green card, and remains under the care and custody of his family, living happily and safely away from the gangs in Honduras.

Although these success stories are truthful statements, the results obtained by these clients are not a guarantee of the types of results you will achieve by hiring this firm, or following the information in this site, its products, or services. Some names have been changed or hidden at clients’ request to protect identity.


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