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WELCOME TO BRAZEN LEGAL! We’re a law firm for immigrants and small businesses. We’re here for you wherever you are in your legal journey- whether you need a lawyer to handle your case from start to finish, or you just need some help on the backend- our immigration and business legal services are tailored to fit your needs!

Hello! Sak Passe!? Hola!

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I’m Bianca, an immigration and small business lawyer. I help immigrants from all over the world live and work in the United States; and I help fellow entrepreneurs start and manage their tiny and small businesses.

As the daughter of hardworking immigrants who taught me how to hustle, but not necessarily how to build a legit business, I know what it’s like to make mistakes as you figure things out on your own.

So I’m passionate about making your legal journey as seamless as possible.

Here’s what people come to me for the most:


Help! My DIY went wrong!


Did things go left when you did it yourself? No judgment here! Let’s try to make it right.


I’m ready to start my business!

Brazen Legal Small Business

That’s great! I can help you create a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a corporation.


I just need a little immigration help

Brazen Legal immigration

Looking for guidance in preparing for your immigration interview? Need your documents reviewed? Just want someone to point you in the right direction? I can help.


I want you to speak at my event


Count me in! I love to speak at conferences, colleges and universities, workshops, and podcasts. I cover topics related to immigration issues, and law for entrepreneurs.